Welcome Autumn

It’s autumn Up North. Trees are dressed in their festive finery. The air is crisp and cold, and the leaves are beginning to let go, spinning downward to Earth. Back to the soil, the sand, the water. Back to where they came from.

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I love this time of year. I love the color, the light, the musty smell of decay, the clear and silent sound of the wind in the trees. I want to be outside, but I also want to be inside, at my computer, inspired by the beauty on the other side of my window.

As for writing, I seem to be doing more “teaching of writing” than actually writing my own stories and essays. But I do have some great students, and they and their work make for pleasant days.

I can, however, report that I’ve had several stories I wrote a while ago recently accepted for publication: one at Peauxdunque Review, another at Helen Literary Magazine, one at Spelk Fiction, another at Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, and a story at MoonPark Review. I love the name “Peauxdunque” (even though I can’t begin to pronounce it) and “Spelk,” and I love that I’ll soon have work in journals named after a woman and a tree, and I love that I’ll also have work in a journal with the word “moon” in its title. These things make me very happy.

I humbly thank these lit journals for taking my stories. I could also tell you how many rejections I’ve received this past month — an alarming number, the ratio of acceptances-to-rejections great enough it ought to discourage me from ever writing or sending out work ever again.

But I’m stubborn. And I can be a fool. And when you combine those two qualities you get someone who keeps writing and sending out stories into the world — like those leaves that finally let go of the limb, fluttering in the wind, sometimes getting caught in a great gasp before landing on the ground only to be trampled, raked, bagged, and burned.

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12 thoughts on “Welcome Autumn

    1. Thank you, AM. You are kind and always encouraging, and really? Your writing (and art!) inspires ME to keep rowing that damn dinghy up (and hopefully over) the rough crests. I shall keep writing … so long as you do! 😉

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  1. DS I’m still officially flat and unresponsive, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your fall pictures and to congratulate you on all those acceptances! I hope you’ll post links when your pieces are published. And that you’ll continue to write, of course. BTW the first time I saw “Peauxdunque” I thought, there’s an unusual place name; the second time it jumped out at me, it’s a New Orleans style play on “podunk”, LOL. Anyways thank you so much for your kind words on my post, I’m sorry I’m such a total slacker about answering for now, and awhile longer.

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    1. Oh, Leah, I’m so sorry that you’re still “flat and unresponsive.” I do send healing vibes your way so that you’ll soon be up and at ‘em. I try to point my camera lens the way I think you would 😊—I hope you’ll soon get to take some photos and keep writing. And I also hope you’re staying out of the paths of storms which seem to be especially wild and crazy this year. Thank you for you kind words re: my acceptances. Yes, I’ll put links on my Published Fiction page as soon as the stories drop. I didn’t know that about “Peauxdunque”! Very cool! I would love to visit New Orleans some time. And finally, not to worry about getting back via your blog — I know you’re recuperating, and rest you must! My best wishes to you in the days ahead. UV is watching over you, I’m sure of that.

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    1. Ah, thanks Cheryl. I just like to write, I guess — and then I send my things out on the wind and most of them come flying back home, rejected. Sometimes I get lucky. 🙂 Thank you re: the pictures. Yes, I love trees, love leaves. Even though I’m ready for warm/hot weather, I had to admit the other day I was already thinking of autumn. LOL

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  2. Spring and Fall are my favorite times of the year. Right now we are getting a lot of stormy weather. Had a tornado warning Tuesday night. Seen a couple of funnels form then go back up. We didn’t get any damage but there was some within a few miles. It wasn’t even too windy here. Hope you are staying dry and safe. Have a happy Memorial weekend and day.

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  3. Hi, Cherryl! I’ve been reading about the terrible weather you all are having — please stay safe! In Indiana, we’ve had so much rain, and I’m plenty tired of it. Right now I’m in Michigan, which is lovely, but we’re battling ticks, uggh. Our dog’s had several, and I woke up the other night with one on me, yuck! Well, I guess that’s what you get for hanging out in Mother Nature, lol. You, too, have a great Memorial Weekend!


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