New Story at HOOT Review

I’m honored to have a flash story, “What I Really Meant,” published in HOOT Review (April-May 2018).

Thank you to AM Roselli for the beautiful artwork! If you haven’t discovered her marvelous writing and art, please check out




6 thoughts on “New Story at HOOT Review

  1. Oh joy, finally success logging onto WP from my satellite station…
    DS – see now you’ve forced me to comment when you know my feelings on writing😉
    Congratulations my friend. Your writing always sublime in its secret power to pull us into places we don’t want to go. Regardless of whatever you’re writing about, you somehow twist the path and bring us into unexpected territory. You make the reader think. But more than that, you make our hearts and minds contemplate our misgivings, our hopes and what we once thought was our reality.
    I’m so glad you’ve come back to WP, for however long you decide to stay. This is our virtual coffee cafe!

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    1. Now, now, now, Miss. You are not supposed to write! (But I’m glad you did, because I wanted to make sure you saw that you, too, have been published!) I still say the best part of this publication is AM Roselli’s sexy art — those lines that move, vibrate, shimmer like ghosts in some part of the atmosphere only ghosts (and excellent artists) can fathom, reach.

      And your words, my friend. Your words have inspired me to keep going, keep pulling (tugging, practically yanking my damn arms out of their sockets) on those oars on the sea of turbulent indigo (alas, a Joni Mitchell reference, not my own description).

      I plan to stay here in WP — and yes, what a wonderful coffee cafe (now, if only the refills were free, LOL).



    1. Thanks, Leah! I’m not sure what the meaning is — I just write words, LOL … is that a legitimate explanation? Truthfully, sometimes, after I’ve written something, I return to it and I think, “Did I write that? Really?” And then I wonder, “What the heck does it mean?” Hahaha! Well, I never was the best English literature student. But thank you kindly for your sweet words. 🙂

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    1. Oh, my Italian sister-in-writing-implements, how you do make me blush. Thank you ever so much for your kind, sweet, generous words — I am truly honored. And thank you for the WP plug as well. 🙂

      “She’s Yod to my Chewbacca” — ha, that’s great! You’re such a HOOT! (Get it?) 😉

      Seriously though, AM — thank you again, and of course let’s not forget your AMAZING ART, without which my piece would be just another bunch of words floating on a page (well, screen). You are so doubly-blessed: art and writing, writing and art. You must use your God-given talents, my friend. Always and forever.


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